How It All Started

The New Progressive began with a single blog post by Josh Tucker: The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data Post. (Take a look—you’re guaranteed to either love it or hate it!) That post led to a new emphasis on racial justice, and a new data-historical approach.

Then 2016 happened. A political revolution began. The New Progressive is a voice of that revolution.

What is The New Progressive?

TNP is a multi-author, trans-media blog founded by Josh Tucker, whose central theme is Justice:

Racial Justice: Identifying white privilege, opposing white supremacy, and dismantling systemic and strategic racism.

Social Justice: Fighting for gender equality and LGBTQI rights, deconstructing economic inequality, and advocating immediate action to address climate change.

Political Justice: Dismantling our corrupt political system, returning power to the people, and ending empire politics.

We take a data-driven, evidence-based approach to social, societal, and political issues. We look to the data to help us understand our world, not as we want to see it, but as it actually is (see here for an example). And once we understand the way it is, we look to history to understand what made it this way—so that we can address the underlying causes, not just the symptoms (see here for an example).

We Need Your Help!

The New Progressive is the brainchild of Josh Tucker, but it was founded as a multi-author blog (meaning we have many different contributors). Our work is research-intensive and multi-faceted; we create blog posts, YouTube shows, and podcasts (that’s the trans-media part)—and that’s just the beginning! Currently, TNP is made up of a select handful of part- and full-time content creators, but we hope to expand expand and add more talented writers and creators in the very near future.

We have some pretty cool ideas for topics we’d like to tackle and content we’d like to create, and we have pretty big dreams for what TNP can become. We need writers, researchers, producers, administrators, hosts, and more.

If you believe in what we’re doing, there are several ways you can help support our work:

  • Make a one-time contribution to our crowd-funding campaign at IndieGoGo. Funds raised go toward the purchase of video, audio, lighting, editing equipment, and software to build a home video and podcast studio. (Coming Soon!)
  • Become a Patron of TNP by committing to a regular, monthly contribution to support our work. Even $1/month helps!
  • Share our work on your social media networks, especially Facebook! Then share it again. Then maybe some more.
  • Volunteer to help us do this work. We’ll always need good writers, researchers, producers, administrators, hosts, and more. None of that in your wheelhouse? No problem—there’s a fair amount of busy work that doesn’t require special skills to do, it’s just time consuming. No matter what your skill set, if you want to help, we can probably find a way to put you to good use.